Friday, July 30, 2010

Second DP

From the Chicago Fire Facebook page: 

"Get ready Fire fans - we're going to announce a second DP on shortly...don't miss out on the big announcement! Who do you think it might be?"

Do you think it will be another player in the 'picker' style or an established player for marketing glitz?  Somewhere in between?  Maybe I was wrong about Andrew opening up the wallet wide after all.

UPDATE 1: The Fire just announced that we have acquired Freddie Ljungberg's talents from the Seattle Sounders.  Quick thoughts -

  • The price cannot have been that high since the Ljungberg/Seattle marriage was one in the separation stage.
  • Nyarko and Pappa on the wings have been some of the few bright spots this season.  Ljungberg has a large preference to play on the wing so formation watching will be interesting
  • The price must have been too tempting to pass up given the above and Ljunberg's lack of performance/health in Seattle to boot.
  • The Fire could put out a lineup with Nyarko, Castillo, Pappa, McBride, John, and Ljunberg all on the same field.  That's a metric ton of firepower right there.  I'm not sure where everyone would play (4-3-3?) but the entertainment value of the Fire for August 8th is going to blow any other game this year out of the water.

UPDATE 2: The Fire traded a draft pick in 2011 or 2012 to the Sounders.

"Freddie Ljunberg, an MLS Best XI selection and two-time All-Star midfielder for the Seattle Sounders FC, has been traded to the Chicago Fire today in exchange for a conditional selection in the 2011 or 2012 SuperDraft."

Given what Ljunberg could bring to the team, I like what has been done here.  Draft picks are very hit or miss and Ljunberg has the potential to turn the Fire into top offense in the league.  It would take everyone getting on track very quickly but few teams even have that potential.  Two weeks ago it looked the Fire were competing for the worst offense in the league.

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