Sunday, August 1, 2010

MLS Round-up

Games That Helped the Fire:

Philadelphia 1 - New England 1
  • Philly Union and NE Revs tie each other to stay below the Fire despite having played more games.
Colorado 1 - Dallas 1
  • Colorado and Dallas tread water.  If the Fire won 2 and drew 1 of their 3 games in hand, we would be tied with Colorado.
Houston 2 - New York 2
  • Is it an upset when New York drops points anymore?  After starting 5-0-0 they are now 3-3-6.  I am glad Houston kept the Red Bulls within reach on the table.  It is unfair to think that the Fire are going to turn it around with their new players while things will stay the same for Red Bulls despite their additions but I don't see them running away from us.  Let's hope that the Fire know when to raise the red when the Bulls come to town next week.  
Kansas City 1 - Toronto 0
  • Only four points separate these two now but I view Toronto as a much bigger threat than Kansas City.  4-1 beatdowns earlier in the season will do that but having Toronto only six points away with three games in hand makes me feel good. 
Seattle 1 - San Jose 0

  • At first glance it might seem like the Sounders are starting to get away but we have five games in hand on them and only trail by 8 points.  I think the teams are equal on talent level and San Jose has three games to gain two points in order to match Seattle.  Controlling our destiny is also a factor here with two games against the Sounders and only one vs. the Earthquakes left on the schedule.
Games That Didn't Help the Fire

Salt Lake 3 - D.C. 0
  • Borderline outcome as Salt Lake will probably make the playoffs regardless.  It could be good that DC falls farther and farther behind but I'm not worried about them catching the Fire.
Chivas USA 3 - Columbus 1
  • You never want to see Columbus win anything but Chivas USA looked good and we don't need them messing around with playoff contention.  Columbus is a lock for 1st place barring catastrophe and Chivas USA doesn't need any confidence building.

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