Sunday, August 1, 2010

Note to the Marketing Department

I just got back from exchanging tickets for the Red Bulls game next Sunday for tickets for the September 4th game against Galaxy.  This move was prompted by the team's wonderful decision to block the August 8th Red Bulls game from the season ticket holder exchange program when Thierry Henry jumped on board.  I am out of town next weekend so when I saw another fan complaining about the new policy (Red Bulls = one of the few games his family could make it to), I reached out for a swap. 

These are just some of the problems fans had with the change in plans:
  • An E-mail announcing this policy and hyping Henry was sent out the morning after the Fire lost 5-1 at home to Monarcas Morelia.  Many fans were angry to see the team promoting another team's star while it seemed as if the Fire weren't going to get any help themselves.
  • Season ticket holders were further enraged because an option was being taken away.
  • Many questioned blocking the August 8th game with Henry but not the September 4th game with Landon Donovan.  I think too that Donovan is bigger draw for more people than Henry after the World Cup.
In conversations I've had with some of the Fire FO, I know they really want to get the EPL snobs (my words not theirs) into the stadium.  I am guessing limiting the season ticket holder exchange program for a game that will feature a former EPL star folds into that strategy.  It is not all smooth sailing because I've seen promos for the Red Bulls game for $10 tickets if you enter the code of 'Nery'.  If next Sunday doesn't sell out, the FO is really going to have egg on its face.    

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